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Original Oil
and Acrylic
Paintings by
All my
paintings are
registered with
Fine Arts Title

Fine Arts Title
Description :
Certify that
each work was
brought to life
through your
own individual,
creative effort;
print a
Certificate that,
when signed, is
used as your
Certificate of
Who's Watching Who...Gray Wolf
10 x 36              $150.

Who's Watching Who...Series
Needless to say I am having a lot of fun painting eyes! I painted my grand children's eyes. Check them out too!
Who's Watching Who..Green Tree Frog
10in. x 36 in.
Who's Watching Who...Timber Wolf
18 1/2 x 6 3/4     Cypress Frame   $75.00
Who's Watching Who...White Tiger
10 x 36    $150.00
Who's Watching Who...Tiger
16 1/2 x 7 Cypress Frame     $75.00
Who's Watching Who...Leopard
10 x 36     $150.00
Who's Watching Who...Cheetah
12 1/2 x 6     Cypress Frame      $50.00
Who's Watching Who...Giraffe
Who's Watching Who...Lion
18 x 8 Cypress Frame                $50.00
Who's Watching Who...Elephant
Who's Watching Who...Zebra
Who's Watching Who...Cougar
Who's Watching Who...Florida Panther
19 3/4 x 8 1/2     Cypress Frame    $75.00
Who's Watching Who...Florida Bobcat
12 5/8 x 5 5/8   Cypress Frame    $50.00
Who's Watching Who...Bald Eagle
20 x 8  cypress frame    $75.00
Who's Watching Who...Great Horned Owl
20 x 8   Cypress Frame              
Most of these eye pictures were originally painted 3 feet long x 10 inches high.
The Leopard Eyes are over a fireplace in Ohio and the gray wolf is at the top of a
stairway looking down at you as you climb the steps in Gainsville, Florida
We have frog eyes in at our eye doctors office and wolf eyes in an artists studio and
so on. Keep checking back, I am sure there are more to come .
If you have any ideas just let me know. I would love to hear your input!
If you would
like an original
or If  you think
of some eyes
that  I haven't
done yet
contact me.
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