About the Artist
Creative? Perhaps. Inspired? Undoubtedly!!

I truly believe that artists and those who share a true appreciation for art see the world a little
bit differently than others. When I look at a sunset, I see a painting. When I see true beauty, I
long to preserve it into something that will last forever, so that I can share it with the
My name is Darlene Richardson. Born in Ohio and raised in Florida, my love for animals,
beaches, boats, sunsets, and of course Florida are often reflected in my paintings. You may also
notice some northern influences with the mountain landscapes and gorgeous fall leaves that
reflect the 30 years that I spent in Ohio. Where I raised my 4 Wonderful children.
I am a Self-taught Artist. My talent is truly a gift from God. It is my desire to glorify Jesus
Christ,  through my art and through this business.
Painting brings much pleasure to me as I capture special moments and make them memories on
canvas that will last a lifetime.

Darlene Green Richardson

What better models than my Wonderful children and grandchildren as I learn to
paint portraits !
Original Oil
and Acrylic
Paintings by
It's Time 2 Paint!
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It's Time 2 Paint!
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